Product History

Drinks that have been produced by Bong Water® Energized Soft Drinks™:

The Original 420 Chronic Tonic™ Exotic blend of Citrus and other eclectic fruity flavors… truly an original taste!

Cottonmouth Quencher™ Awesome Creme Soda with a surprisingly snappy finish. Reported to get rid of cottonmouth, no matter how you got it.

Green Dreams™ Intense Lime that’s so sublime! Not a wimpy lemon-lime soda… this drink has bite!

Purple Haze™ Our Mystery Drink – looks like a black light! What flavor is it? Let it run through your brain and you’ll figure it out… Jimi would be so proud!

Jamaican Sunrise™ Laid back and smooth Caribbean style sparkling Apricot-Peach.

Rasta Cherry™ Full bodied rich red cherry, goes great with Jerk Chicken and other Jamaican treats! Chill with this cherry today… cool runnings, mon!

Mowii Wowii™ Sharp South Seas style Kiwi-Strawberry with a delightful bite!

Bell Bottom Blooz™ A laid back harmonious Blueberry blend that packs a citrus punch!

Lucid Lemon™ A clearly superior citrus punch for your favorite lemonhead!

Doo Whut?™ A bright yellow citrus mist that’s mellow and sho’ doo gives a mountain of flavor.

Original Chronic Stout™ A sharper version of Original… may put hair on your chest, but not on your head… sorry.

Original Chronic Extra™ Original with “Enestra™. A patented, nutriceutical whole beer extract known to enhance heart function. WARNING: Has been known to give consumer a dose of beer breath!

Creeper Cola™ A smooth sweet cola-nut taste, low carbonated, and made without phosphoric acid. We do not know of any other cola drinks on the market that are made without phosphoric acid. The upside is our cola won’t damage your digestive system or leach the calcium out of your bones. The downside is you cannot clean your car battery with it. For folks who want to enjoy a smooth cola taste without excess bloating or other possible healthrisks associated with phosphoric acid based colas. Ask your doctor or healthcare provider about the potential health issues associated with phosphoric acid.

Mellow Mellon™ Rich Southern style American Red Soda… with a smooth Watermelon finish.

Orange Sunshine™ A smooth Tangerine-Orange, a throwback to the late 60’s Peace Movement.

Johnny Chronic’s Private Stash™ Enhanced Nutriceutical Energy Drink loaded with vitamins and Opti-L-Zinc®, Citrimax™, ChromeMate®, and other goodies… to your health, from Johnny Chronic™.

Panama Red™ Sangria style red fruit punch with south of the border soul.

Ganja Grape™ Full bodied STRONG grape taste, mon!

Apple Poco Gold™ (formerly known as Aculpulco Gold™) A deep Golden Delicious Apple that is not too sweet and not too tart… it’s simply golden, dudes.

Cocco Loco™ A Euro-style dark chocolate gourmet drink for Chocolate Freaks! Lactose-free, not a creamy milk chocolate. This drink is bitter-sweet and carbonated… can be savored hot or cold.

Ganjachino™ Mocha Hazelwhat The first cold packed coffee flavored gourmet drink on the market. Mocha Hazelnut and Vanilla added. This low carbonated energy drink can be enjoyed hot or cold! Try it in the microwave for about 45 seconds. The bubbles add an extra textural treat and a few minutes after you satisfy your coffee taste urge, it will seem like you just drank water… no coffee breath or bitter aftertaste. Or, try it over ice cream… it makes an awesome float!

Ripped Razzberry™ An awesome sweet tart red raspberry energy drink… formulated to scrunch your face and make you think… what were these dudes thinking of!!! Go figure.

Julie Netherton’s Treehugger Chugger™ For the tree lover in all of us… a full flavored and frothy rich root beer energized with caffeine and vitamins! This will help give you the energy boost you need to hug the largest of trees.

BONG WATER® PEOPLE COOLANT™ Award winning bottled drinking water (non-carbonated) that exceeds the EPA and FDA clean water standards! Prevents human radiator overboiling, will not rust your bio-pipes, helps your bio-engine run cooler and more efficiently… flush out the sludge as you sweat off the pudge, with Bong Water® People Coolant™!